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To invest in the Manek Growth Fund, you may choose one or more of the Investment Options described below. You may save through regular contributions as well as making lump sum investments.
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Tax-efficient Savings Scheme

The Manek Growth ISA (Individual Savings Account) provides tax-free returns on the proceeds of your investment in the Manek Growth Fund. For more information on ISAs see the Supplementary Information Document and the Terms & Conditions.

For investment by individuals who are tax resident in the UK and are aged 18 or over.

• Lump-sum investment per tax year is :
Minimum £1,000
Maximum £20,000
• Regular Savings Plan from £50 per month, collected by Direct Debit.

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Transfering existing investments to Manek

You can transfer your existing ISA(s) (including PEP’s which have now been converted to ISA’s) with another fund manager(s) to the Manek Growth ISA.

Can be transferred by individuals who have already taken out an ISA.

There are no limits on the number of ISA(s) which you can transfer or on the amounts.

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Pooled Investment Fund

The Manek Growth Fund is an Authorised Unit Trust. Your investment (in 'units' of the Fund) will be pooled with that of other investors and spread across a broad range of companies thereby reducing the risk of direct stockmarket investment whilst maximising the opportunities for growing your investment over the long-term.

For investment by individuals in the UK or overseas*, Companies, Trusts and on behalf of children.

* Please, ensure that you comply with any applicable securities laws in your country of residence before making an application.

Minimum initial lump-sum investment is £1,000. There is no maximum. Regular savings plan: from £50 per month, collected by Direct Debit.

Manek Investment Management Limited is a Unit Trust and ISA manager
authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.